Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Art of Multi-Tasking

i believe in multi-tasking. it's inevitable that in the fast-paced world that we live in that we have to fill every moment with doing some task with a means to an end. it often boggles my mind to see some of the things people do as they multi-task.

just yesterday as i was sitting in traffic, after getting through the bay bridge toll plaza and while merging lanes just before the metering lights, i saw the most amazing thing. now before i get to the details you all have seen what other people do while in their car. i'm also sure that some of you may also partake in some of the same things. hopefully you are doing the more involved tasks while at a red light or in stopped traffic; tasks like, singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite tune, putting on make-up, tying a tie, shaving (electric razor), smiling at that cute guy or gal in the car next to you, talking on the cell phone (my personal favorite, not), waving at long lost friends on bridges (inside joke) and even picking your nose (come on i know that you don't want to admit to that).

so there i was aggravated by the traffic and the idiotic california drivers (more on that in another post) when in the corner of my right eye i saw a woman in her pristine white volvo polishing her shoes. you're eyes are not playing tricks on you. she was polishing her shoes. i swear to you that i'm reporting the truth. she had her left hand in her nicely tied shoe and with her right hand was polishing it with that liquid-type shoe polish that has a sponge brush on the end. she wasn't doing this quickly. she was very methodic. AND (i couldn't help hitting the shift key here but the caps were needed for emphasis) she was doing this while merging into my lane, 'look everyone, no hands!'

i started to carry on this conversation in my head, 'i wish i had my camera with me! is she wearing any shoes? nah, she seems like the type of woman that as she was leaving her house planned to polish her shoes as she merged on to the bay bridge.' then i saw her stop for a few seconds and then i really believe she picked up the second shoe and began to resume her task.

my conversation continued as follows, 'i can't fucking believe her. this is why there is soooo much traffic on the bridge! those shoes are so ugly. she should just give up and throw them out the fucking window.'

but then i found myself laughing because this woman truly mastered the fine art of multi-tasking.


Blogger k said...

i love that even with the sheer ridiculousness of this crazy lady polishing her shoes as she DRIVES, it's still worth noting that her shoes were UGLY.

so funny!!!

1:47 PM  

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