Saturday, April 15, 2006

In Loving Memory


sasha passed on today.

she was a very strong, 20 something-year old petite kitty. many knew her as "pretty". my brother rick said she was the "prettiest kitty in new york city!". the knick name "pretty" stuck. sasha was my first pet as an adult. she's been with me through thick and thin. this amazing cat clearly had more than 9 lives.

sandy, cassie, yoshi, quico and all the rest will be greeting her on the rainbow bridge.

we love you sasha. you will be missed.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Do incantations or spells work?

it's been raining here practically non-stop for a month. sure we live in northern california but it's not really the pacific northwest in my book. it shouldn't be raining like it does in seattle or portland!

my mood sucks. my motivation sucks. and the time change hasn't helped.

sometimes i wish i could wiggle my nose like samantha and make the sun shine. or, that songs like, "rain, rain go away come again some other day!" would work.