Friday, September 30, 2005


So what is it about bloggers and not using their shift key when typing entries? Is this blog newbie not following the proper ways by hitting the shift key at the beginning of a sentence? I know that one needs to use the shift key for certain characters. It would be so strange to end a question with a / instead of a ? wouldn't it?

I guess it's all about being informal. But all I keep hearing as I try not to let my pinkies drift to the shift key is my typing teacher reminding me of the proper ways to type, "No lazy wrists... elbows in... feet flat on the floor.... straight back... don't forget to hit that shift key!"

maybe i just need to break the rules and follow the unwritten blogiquette.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

My First Blog Entry: Dear Diary???

Dear Diary... where to start??? I find myself thinking of the times I started journals or diaries years and years ago. I tried to be cute or wanted to write something profound. 20+ years later, here I am right where I was back then; stuck. What the hell should I write about? With a potentially wide audience, will others find my blog entries interesting? How often should I post? Will there be enough time in the day to attend to my other obsessions?

Now you can see why my blog is appropriately titled "Obsessed in Oakland".