Thursday, January 26, 2006

soooo close but yet ...

david and i had such great momentum going on our projects. i had only a couple more seams to go on my sweater. and the ceiling texturing in the 2nd bedroom was moving along quickly.

then murphy reared his ugly head (or law)!

yesterday i received 2 back-to-back calls on my cell phone from david at work while i was in a meeting. i sent the first call to v-mail but picked up the 2nd call knowing that something was up. david sounded really upset. being a typical jew, i immediately assumed the worse. sasha, our 21-year old cat, was having problems with her eye for a couple of days. i honestly thought he was going to tell me that she died.

thankfully the news wasn't that catastrophic (the slight pun was an accident). david worked practically non-stop and finished texturing the remaining third of the ceiling. all the texturing was done. that was the good news. the bad news was that he was a little too ambitious and wound up straining his neck. he thought that he might have to go to the emergency room if the pain didn't subside. luckily the pain did lessen and there was no need to take a trip to the ER.

one mishap doesn't mean that we summoned the nasty murphy, right?

so i got home from work that same day, cooked dinner, ironed my shirt for the next day, and sat down to watch american idol with the intention of finishing my sweater. i had completed seaming up one side earlier in the week and it was looking pretty good. there were a few hiccups along the way that i managed to work through (the underarm hole being the biggest issue). as i was working up the other side and approaching the dreaded underarm, i started to notice that there were too many rows on one side which caused the stripe across the chest not to line up and some fabric to bunch at the underarm crease. the obscenities flew from my mouth as if i were channeling the possessed regan at her worst.

why aren't there tutorial videos on the internet that show the best knitted garment construction? if i can't figure out how to fix the problem i think i'm going to cry.

i'll keep you all posted.


Blogger Tallguy said...

Okay, so as EZ would say, go lie down in a dark room for awhile, until you feel better; then come back and look at it again. It'll all be clear then.

Now, about that ceiling -----

11:14 PM  
Blogger riseyp said...

shit!! keith, that is awful!!! the sweater, david's neck, lil sasha... my god!!

::thinking good thoughts for you all::

2:38 PM  
Blogger Jenna (aka Foo) said...

Any luck yet? How is the armpit coming?

9:20 PM  

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