Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Our Other "Daughter"

i realized that i haven't written any entries that feature our beautiful bearded dragon, ripley. we wanted to think of a name that would work for a male or female since it's difficult to tell the sex of a lizard when they are young. so being the good nerds that we are she was named after one the best movie heroines of all times, ripley from the alien franchise. we found out after about a year that she was in fact a sexy female dragon.

so here she is in all her thorniness.

Ripley Under Arrest

she gets into the funniest poses. i think she looks like she is about to be frisked by a police officer.

since i'm already gushing over our little dragon i thought i would share this next photo of her when we first brought her home.

Young Ripley

doesn’t it look like she’s in a yoga pose?


Blogger Janis said...

ohmygod, she is so cute. I had 2 iguana's and a beautiful chameleon over the years.

As for the new look on the blog, I feel your pain. I was a commercial artist and webmaster and my blog is just the vanilla template. Yours looks fine.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Nels said...

Wow from the first picture I thought Ripley was HUGE but the second picture makes me think she's not as large as say a Komodo Dragon. :) Perhaps she could be in movies! :)

6:37 AM  

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