Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Knitting & Cats

i'm struggling these days splitting my extra curricular time between my 2 strongest passions (okay obsessions): knitting and blogging. i know it's bad when i start to plan my day the evening before based on how i can fit in both. lately the blogging (reading blogs and thinking about what to blog) has been winning. this is not a bad thing per se, except that i want to keep the momentum going on my sweater.

i've actually finished the front about a week ago.
Orange Sweater Completed Front

but back to the subject at hand. i've been reading a lot of knitting blogs these past few weeks and found, through no real scientific method, that a good portion of the knitters out there in blogland have cats.

what is it about knitters and cats? were we once cats in a pervious life? is that when the love for yarn (i know, i know, obsession with yarn) began? i can see it now, me as a cat, jumping in some old ladies yarn basket (because you know that back in the day only old ladies knit ... right?), and getting all tangled up in the yarn.

i bet if i could take a poll to find out how many knitters have cats that i would be able to conclude that the vast majority of us have cats.

here are some goofy pictures of our two cats, sasha (~20-years old) and mia (mia is a 17-year old male ... long story about how he got his name).

Sasha Blur #2

Goofy Mia

i will leave you with a link to an extremely funny blog dedicated to cats (not knitting) since i know that some of my readers and maybe lurkers have cats and will appreciate the humor. be warned, i laughed so hard when i read this blog that i almost wet my pants.

funny cat blog


Blogger Celtic Knitter said...

That's an interesting thought . . . we were all once cats. If that is case you'd think we'd all have yarn strung up around our houses. LOL

Feel free to drop by my blog and check out my knitting . . . and cats :)

2:45 PM  
Blogger riseyp said...

your cats are gorgeous!!! sasha looks like sobakowa, purl's cat ;-)

1:16 PM  

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