Thursday, October 27, 2005

Baby Gifts Are Fun

i've been knitting a lot of baby gifts lately. there's nothing like a fun quick project. i finished these newborn booties and hat a few days ago for my co-worker kerrie who is expecting her 2nd child in a month.

Hat & Booties

the hat is from an ann norling hat pattern series called kid's caps iv using a combination of stockinet and double moss stitch. i modified the pattern slightly by adding the i-cord at the top for an added cute factor. the newborn size was much easier to knit on double-points than circular needles.

i went crazy trying to find a bootie pattern. my first attempt was a pattern "cute-as-can-be baby booties" from knitting pretty by kris percival. the pattern basically has you knit the bootie part separately from the sole. i had to sew the back seam and then the sole to the booty. what a pain in the, well, booty! the end result wasn't so bad but i honestly thought they were lacking something. and frankly the second bootie didn't come out as nicely as the first.

see for yourself
ugly booty

i apologize for the slightly blurry photos. i haven't quite mastered close-ups with the digital camera.

the winning booties came from Beth's Easy Knit Baby Booties pattern.


they look a little weird when flat but are instantly transformed into cute when standing up. the cuffs add more interest plus i think they will stay on better than the other design. they knit up in about an hour and only require one seam. the good thing with both bootie patterns was that i was able to try yarn overs for the first time. yarn overs are what create the eyelets for the ribbon to weave through.

the hat and the booties were knit using andean silk, leaf 23779 from knit picks. i really liked the feel of the hat and booties. they were definitely soft enough for a baby.


Anonymous Cheryl said...

omg, Keith...these are just gorgeous! Nice work!

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Nels said...

You are becoming a knitting junkie! :)

12:36 PM  
Blogger knitcrazed said...

that's right nelson... soon i'll have to join a 12-step program.

1:52 PM  

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