Sunday, November 27, 2005

It Fits!

paula came over today to show us matthew modeling the sweater i made for him.

Matthew & Paula
wow! he looks so cute in it.

yup, he held off spitting up until he had the sweater on. only a little landed on the sweater, the aftermath of which is on paula's left shoulder (don't hate me paula).

here's a close-up.
Matthew in his sweater
(he's definitely smiling, it's not gas.)

i think paula was as anxious to see it on him as i was. she told us that she had been holding the sweater up to him periodically to see if he had grown enough to fit into it. what a pleasant surprise to see that it fits, albeit even though he's not 6-months old yet (he's only 8-weeks). i must admit that i was a little nervous that the sweater wouldn't fit over his head. someone told me that baby sweater patterns often don't design a wide enough neck opening.

i'm encouraged to knit more baby sweaters using the same pattern, but perhaps not with cotton yarn ;-)


Blogger riseyp said...

hooray! looks adorable on him!!

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Nels said...

Wow, fits him to a T! Looks adorable in it. The color really emphasizes his skintone and his eyes.

5:59 AM  

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