Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fingerless Gloves

i finished the pair of fingerless gloves yesterday.

A Pair of Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves on Keith's Hand
a hand model i'll never be!

i think they could have been just a little bit higher on the palm. the pattern was written using the metric system so i think i miscalculated one of the measurements. all in all i'm very happy with the results and can't wait to wear them. i'm blocking them to achieve "a professional finish" as it's written in all the knitting books.

i did the majority of the knitting for the gloves while commuting on BART. let me tell you that i actually look forward to the commute so that i can get in an hour or so of knitting a day. i was disappointed today because i had to drive to work for an early morning meeting and couldn’t knit.

so what's the next project on the horizon? i've been waiting for some yarn i ordered online 6 weeks ago to knit a sweater for trixie. the company told me that i should have the order in about 2 weeks. they had the nerve to charge my card prior to shipping me the order. yeah, that's the last time i’ll buy from them. trixie will have to wait.

i thumbed through some of my knitting books and searched the internet for a pattern that would inspire me. i finally decided on "jesse's flames", a men's sweater pattern from "stitch 'n bitch nation". those of you that know me and are familiar with the book and pattern are probably thinking, "keith would never wear a sweater with a flame motif on the sleeves!" you are absolutely correct. i’ll skip that part of the pattern.

what i will do though is use a color other than green. you'll notice that most projects i've posted here use some shade of green. i love green. our house is green, one of our rooms is green, my "murse" is green and yellow, the header of my blog is green, etc., etc... i'm going to step outside my color comfort zone and knit the sweater in orange. there will be one contrasting stripe on the chest, neckline and cuffs in brown twead that has a slight, you guessed it, green hue to it. come on i couldn't go totally cold turkey.

this sweater will also be knit flat (not in the round). i've been avoiding patterns that require sewing and seams for fear that i won't be able to figure out the technique and then not be able to complete the project. i took my first knitting workshop a couple of weeks ago to learn "finishing techniques". so hopefully i'll be able to apply what i learned.

i'll be sure to post my progress.


Anonymous Nels said...

According to Liz you should try the Knitting Basket on Mountain Blvd near your house. Also try Stash in Berkeley on Solano Avenue, she says.

7:11 PM  
Blogger knitcrazed said...

thanks nelson & liz. i actually don't like the knitting basket. i've gotten some weird treatment there. maybe it's because they don't get a lot of men in there. i love article pract on 51st and telegraph. i just thought i would try ordering the yarn online for convenience sake. i learned my lesson.

8:46 PM  

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