Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Darwin Experience

i've been commuting to work this week by car mostly because i needed the extra hour of sleep. jetlag got the best of me after a weeklong business trip to arkansas. yup, i was in arkansas. it really wasn't so bad except i missed david and the "kids"* a ton.

the traffic had been lite due to pre-thanksgiving days off for some. that didn't stop the usual backup at the bay bridge. there's not much to do as lanes are slowly merging after the toll plaza but become a voyeur. as i was looking around through my side windows i caught a glimpse of the woman in the car behind me in my rearview mirror. as she came to a stop after inching a few feet i noticed that she quickly tilted her head to peer over her sunglasses and then brought her head close to her folded hands. it wasn't strange at first, but she kept doing the same series of jerky animal-like movements each time she would move the car and come to a stop.

i became entranced with her odd behavior and like witnessing a train wreck i couldn't stop looking back at her. after several stops she did the most odd thing... she licked her hands, then rubbed her hands down her arms and continued out of view below her dashboard. she did this several times. my eyes nearly jumped out of my head!

did samatha stevens wiggle her nose and turn an ape into a human (a bewitched reference)? was she afflicted with some weird tick? what the hell was she doing? the mystery may never be solved.

i didn't get to take advantage of my commute time to work on my sweater this week but at least there was some form of entertainment.

drivers beware of what you are doing in your cars, you never know who might be watching.

happy thanksgiving.

* kids = 1 dog (trixie), 2 cats (sasha & mia) and 1 bearded dragon (ripley)


Anonymous Nels said...

Always is amazing what people will do in their cars thinking that nobody can see them. I've seen so many people picking their nose quite aggressively and you start thinking, "do they not see people outside their window?"

10:46 AM  

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