Monday, December 12, 2005

Houdini Reincarnated

we've been wanting to buy a soft crate for trixie for some time now. the one we've been using was nicely loaned to us. aesthetically though it was quite ugly. grover, the previous occupant, chewed on the corners, and frankly, the plastic crates just don't look nice.

pretty ugly, huh?

we got a bee in our bonnet to buy a soft crate because we needed a portable crate for a trip up to the russian river this past weekend to celebrate david's 40th birthday (more on the weekend up at the russian river in another entry). fitting 2 adults, 1 dog, a hard crate, groceries, and overnight bags could be a tight fit in a little honda civic. it just made sense to expedite the purchase. so we bit the bullet and ordered the soft crate.

Trixie's Soft Crate
a big improvement over the plastic crate, no?

trixie has been known to tear up the bedding that we put in her crate. we tried several different kinds of bedding but trixie just ripped them to shreads. we thought that perhaps trixie wouldn't decide to destroy the bed that came with the crate because it wasn't made of the plush material she’s so fond of.

who were we fooling. this is what we came home to after leaving her in the crate for about an hour:

Trixie's Crate Bedding
trixie disemboweled the bed.

and, to add insult to injury, the smart little monster must have channeled the great houdini. she managed to paw through the zipper and escape from the crate. we tried one more time and this time attached a karabiner to the two zippers but she still managed to break through.

where was tangina barrons when we needed her to rid trixie of the nasty poltergeist?

the good news is that we were able to fit the hard crate in the car with all the bags. unfortunately though it looks like we're going to have to see if we can sell the crate on craigslist.


Blogger riseyp said...

naughty girl trixie!!!

happy birthday david!!! did you know 40 is the new 30???

hope you guys had lots of fun @ russian river and that the weather up there was as nice as it was down here!!

7:45 PM  

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