Sunday, January 08, 2006

Monogamous Knitting

it has been a while since i've written about knitting. it's not like i've not been knitting. on the contrary...i've been knitting away on my orange sweater. i finally finished the sleeves. i figured i'd spare ya'll out there in blogland, lurkers and commentators alike, pictures since ya'll already know about my struggles and mostly because pictures of sleeves aren't that exciting (btw, i'm not from the south. i'm originally from new jersey but i love typing ya'll).

i received all my blocking aids: blocking board, t-pins, and blocking wires. i even went as far as buying a hand steamer based on reading crazy aunt purl's review and demo on how well it worked on her scarf. i didn't however buy the scunci since i found a similar steamer for half the price (gotta save money for the next knitting projects). now all that's left to do is to weave in all the ends, block, assemble and knit the collar! hopefully i'll be done by the end of january. this is my first sweater done flat so it might take a few attempts before i get the hang of the different finishing techniques.

so in the 2+ months that i've been knitting this sweater i pretty much knitted nothing else. you see i'm a monogamous knitter. i wish that i could take credit for the term. i was watching my favorite knitting show, knitty gritty, on DIY Network when i heard the guest designer claim that she was a monogamous knitter. i was like, "wow! that's what i am!!!" well at least practically. i only cheated twice and for good reasons. i needed to knit a few quick baby presents.

now being a monogamous knitter doesn't mean that i don't plan my next, well, 100 projects ahead of time. i wouldn't be me if i didn't.

on my knitting list (the list gets rearranged as needed):
  1. secret present #1 (superseded #2 on the list just this weekend)
  2. new scarf for david (i still haven't decided on the pattern yet. i know i want to try something with cables)
  3. secret present #2
  4. sweater for trixie (still beating to death the search for the perfect pattern)
  5. socks for me (this time with a yarn that won't itch)
  6. bathroom rug
  7. men's vest (for me or david)
  8. secret present #3
  9. unknown felting project
  10. finish checkerboard throw (this project was started more than a year ago. my mother convinced me to knit a throw using synthetic yarn because it would be easier to wash. i went to michael's craft store and bought red heart brand acrylic yarn. i began to hate the way the finished squares felt and abandoned the project. i guess you can say that we broke up. maybe some day we'll make amends and i'll finish it up)
alright, so there aren't a 100 projects on the list. but i'm sure that the list will continue to grow as i read more books, magazines, see what people are wearing and watch knitty gritty.

i will begin project #1 since all the knitting is pretty much done on my sweater. i would suffer the DTs if i didn't have some project on needles. plus i have to get project #1 done in the next week.

as they say on knitty gritty, "knit on!"


Blogger tammy said...

If you are a monogamous knitter, I must be a dirty knitting whore! I am constantly juggling multiple knitting projects. I am shameless about it too... right now I am getting down & dirty, doing the yarn nasty with 3 different projects on the couch. I don't even TRY to hide them from each other!!!

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Y'all" is actually a contraction between "you" and "all." Therefore, the correct spelling (if there is such a thing) would be "y'all."

Das how we roll down here in the dirty south, y'all.

11:47 AM  

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