Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's Finished

it looks like i wasn't too off with the sweater. janis at Yarn! (a great yarn store in alameda) offered to help me out with my finishing dilemma. i went to the store on super bowl sunday while david went to the alameda flea market with jessica and tiffany.

where else would two gay men go on super bowl sunday?

janis was actually busy with customers so her friend carel (pronounced carol) helped me out. thankfully i didn't have to rip out anything or undo a large portion of the seaming i had already completed.

i can now proudly say that i have completed my first adult sweater. i was waiting to post a picture of me wearing it outside where the lighting is better than with a flash in the house. but i couldn't wait any longer. so here is a picture of it on the all to familiar dining room table.

Finished Orange Sweater

i will post a picture with me wearing it this weekend.

thank you janis and carel for your help and moral support!


Blogger Janis said...

It is a beautiful sweater and you did a great job!

10:47 AM  
Blogger Jenna (aka Foo) said...


It's beautiful!

6:34 PM  

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