Saturday, February 11, 2006

Returning to Knitting Roots

david has been wanting me to knit him a new scarf. he had been bugging me, in a nice way, to get started for a month or so. it is february so i can understand his sense of urgency, especially with daffodils popping up and blossoms on trees. plus he's allowed to push especially since the scarf (pictured below) i knitted for him was my first knitting project back in 2004.

My First Knitting Project a Scarf (2004)
it's hard to see from this picture but it's the typical nubie garter stitch scarf. you can see david modeling the scarf in this post.

several weeks ago as i was getting close to finishing the orange sweater i started to get antsy about lining up my next project. so i went to article pract to start scoping out yarn. david joined me. one thing to note about david is that he doesn't have a particularly long attention span when it comes to tagging along with me to a yarn store. so i enticed him by telling him to look for yarn for his new scarf.

he found a very nice and soft yarn by Cascade called Rainbow. when i looked at the fiber content i wanted to run out of the store screaming.

no it wasn't acrylic. it was cotton!

i had sworn off of cotton for a while after i made the sweaters for matthew and rainer. cotton just isn't the most forgiving fiber to knit with. but i bit my tongue and accepted the challenge.

i know that i have claimed to be a monagomous knitter. but i did write that there were times that it was okay to stray when it was absolutely necessary. keeping my honey happy is a good enough reason. plus i was theoretically done knitting the sweater.

so i cheated on my orange sweater and started a love/hate affair with a cable knit scarf a few weeks ago.

Cable Scarf

here's a close-up of the cable pattern
Cable Scarf

this is my first attempt at knitting cables and i'm really enjoying it even though knitting with the cotton yarn is a bitch. the adi turbos (metal needles for the non-knitters out there) are helping. i haven't gotten very far mostly because i wanted to complete the orange sweater.

the cable is very subtle due to the yarn color and texture which i like even though you can really only see the pattern when you're close. it's a nice visual surprise. i'm sure that blocking it once it's done will help. although i'm not quite sure what the final result will be since i haven't blocked a project made with this type of yarn before.

i must admit that it's nice to be knitting something simple like a scarf again after a long sweater project.


Blogger tammy said...

I rememebr that yarn! I helped you guys pick that out. And that was more than several weeks ago wasn't it?
glad to see that you started it, it looks great!

8:41 AM  
Blogger knitcrazed said...

yeah, maybe it was more than several weeks ago. my sense of time has never been that good. or maybe i am just having one of my many senior moments.

7:00 AM  

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